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April 27th, 2006 - reasons for being

About April 27th, 2006

VH1 10:05 am
if anyone's watching Best Week Ever on Friday (although you shouldn't be, you should be out celebrating Sheena's birthday!!!), when they get to the part where they ask, "who's having the best week ever?" say "JAYME!!!" Cause I doubt anyone, anyone, anyone is having a better, luckier, week than i am!!

yesterday was filled with classic events that included me running around my apartment screaming "Charles Woodson!!", me somehow getting a warning when i should have gotten a ticket, finding "There's a lot in here" at Best Buy, funny/wonderful text messages, and classic lines as "i don't want my pinky to get cut off!!"

ah, good times.

here's to being happy.
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