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Previous Entry Go Dec. 11th, 2006 @ 04:43 pm Next Entry
yesterday was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. TJ, Michael and I went to the San Fran/Green Bay game. Brett was fantastic. I dropped my phone while over celebrating a donald driver touch down and Favre chasing down field after him. We won. Most of the SF fans left in early in the fourth, that's usual for them. They still have tickets available for next week's game, that blows my mind. I have a bruise on my shin from nearly failling and having to catch myself on the seat in front of me. There was a packer fan there wearing only a bikini top and sweat pants. many people enjoyed her, except for the old man a couple rows behind her who got angry that she didn't take off the top and then threw something at her. the police came then. either way, just seeing brett happy, in person is worth the world. i sat in candlestick park's (it'll never be monster park to me) parking lot for a super long time, but again worth it. so worth it.

our bathroom was invaded by ants yesterday; which unfortunately did end up putting a damper on the joy that was the packers. i spent most of my time not at the game fighting the little fuckers and cleaning them out of the shower. ick. but alas i think i have reclaimed the bathroom.

this weekend was stressful, and i don't think i responded too well. beyond cranky last night and today. sandie said that her and i belonged at home in front of a fire. i agreed. here's hoping that tonight is better.

something very trival last night reminded me beyond belief of bad friends. a lot of conversations lately have been. the way that we look at people, and trying to define the world normal. i've decided to continue full force with a recent decision to be honest with myself about friends. i've also decided to try to be less sensative to judgements. i still think that they are unfair, and i think i'll always be overly touchy about them. but someone recently, very harshly - but truthfully, mentioned that it shouldn't matter. i wish people who claim to love me were less judgmental, hell i wish we all were, but that's not the case. i wish we could all see ourselves for what we are, but we don't. and i have to work on being less caught up in the craziness of the facade, and instead just live.

i leave a week from tomorrow for a much needed break. i'll miss things here, but i couldn't be more excited to spend seventeen days surrounded by people i know and love and who just get it.
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Date:December 12th, 2006 06:02 am (UTC)
wow i cant believe you were at the game. you are the reason our boys broke their loosing streak. at first it blew my mind that you got tickets, but then i was straight up baffled when i read on, only to find out that there are still tickets for next week;s game. i never realized sf wasnt that into football like wisconsinites. though they are more into going to baseball games than us, but we are better fans. giants fans are weird
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